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Global enter­tain­ment market meets digital-first payment system

The TBA Coin (The Blockchain for Audiences) is the world’s most secure cryptocurrency built on next-generation blockchain technology.

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The 1.9 trillion dollar industry is about to get disrupted…

TBA Coin is about making all entertainment transactions secure and convenient for customers, vendors, entertainers, and artists.

Get ready to experience the best of concerts, movies and music from Tokyo to Los Angeles, with:

  • No scalper bots
  • No foreign exchange fees for buying tickets when you travel
  • No hackers stealing your credit card information

Get in on the ground floor and experience a steady income stream from TBA Coin’s growth.

Act now or lose the opportunity to be one of the first to benefit from:

Next-generation blockchain technology

Game-changing real-world solution to a real-world problem

First Canadian cryptocurrency to be approved for sale by global regulators

Guaranteed returns – great alternative to GICs and mutual funds

Paradigm shift for a multi-trillion dollar global industry

Safe and secure platform – fully authorized in Canada!

Experienced management and
developer team

Investment returns

Bought in
Guaranteed return
Possible bonus return
Phase 1
10% a month
up to 12% a month
Phase 2
8% a month
up to 10% a month
Phase 3
6% a month
up to 8% a month

Phase 1 projections for a $2,000 investment

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“My friend told me about TBA Coin and now I have a guaranteed income source to pay my mortgage.”

“TBA Coin is so easy to invest in. It’s risk-free and hassle-free – better than dealing with traditional money and banks!”

“I work in the entertainment industry, and this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to see what TBA Coin does next and I just invested more!”

The TBA Bounty Program

Give us a social media mention OR write an article on your blog OR be among the first 10 to report a bug and get bonus TBA Coin rewards each time (pre-approval of content required).

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TBA Coin Ecosystem

Read our Whitepaper for additional details

  • Developing a revolutionary digital-first entertainment payment system.
  • Making all entertainment-transactions secure and convenient for customers, vendors, entertainers, and artists.
  • Eliminating fraud and preventing scalper bots from artificially raising prices using blockchain technology.
  • Joining over 600 multinational entertainment companies, sports franchises, studios and music labels that have signed on to democratize global industry.
  • Trading on exchanges immediately available.

Our team is working for you!

Logan Chabers


Mr. Chabers is Chief Executive Officer of the TBA Coin Corporation and has been involved in the project since its inception. He was previously CEO of a major American investment bank and has over 20 years of experience architecting complex, high-profile projects. Mr. Chabers also has a background in computer programming, having his first start-up company in college. He was recently awarded the prestigious Most Innovative Leader Medal by Omni Crypto Products.

Saul McKnight


Mr. McKnight is a serial entrepreneur and has lead many FinTech and crypto start ups over his 25-year career in the technology, strategy and entertainment industries. He brings unparalleled expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain and is a sought-after consultant by banks, governments and sovereign wealth. Mr. McKnight’s exceptional insights have helped propel TBA Coin Corporation to where it is today.

Domhnall Lamb


Mr. Lamb was previously the project lead for a leading cryptocurrency. He has spearheaded the development of groundbreaking crypto and crypto-related products for the last five years. He graduated from a prestigious university in London and has developed an extensive business network in Canada and Europe.

Marius F. Petersen


Mr. Petersen is a major name with over two decades of experience at major global investment firms in Barbados and the United States. He developed innovative financial products including mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations for major clients. Mr. Petersen’s financial acumen is sought-after by many large international companies.

Sebastian Aksyonov


Mr. Aksyonov is a crypto evangelist. He was an early supporter of Bitcoin and has understood the power of the crypto revolution. He has deep connections to the crypto community and is a sought-after speaker at many crypto conferences. His expertise on blockchain technologies, wicked problems the future of cryptocurrency will lead TBA Coin Corporation to the next level in innovation excellence.

Layla Mornoff


Ms. Mornoff has several years of experience in sales and marketing, including working as lead marketing manager for several Silicon Valley firms. She has in-depth insights on the crypto-market and has written a paper on how blockchain will benefit everyday consumers. Ms. Mornoff is responsible for customer-focused operations and has led the development of the TBA Coin Corporation brand since its inception.

Maximilian Demidov

Blockchain developer

Mr. Demidov is an experienced frontend developer with over five years of experience in blockchain technology and smart contracts. He has helped developed many cryptocurrencies in the last several years and has now brought his unique talents to TBA Coin Corporation. He also has knowledge of CSS, HTML, JQuery, VueJS, Bootstrap as well as C++, C#, PHP, Python and Unix Shell Scripting.

Wei O. Yang

Blockchain developer

Mr. Yang has more than ten years of experience working in various management positions at a leading Chinese ecommerce company. He has four years of experience in blockchain technology and has in-depth knowledge of C, Java, Javascript, Node.js as well as database technologies including SQL/NoSQL.

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